Monday, May 17, 2010

Zoe's earring story...

Where did I get the earrings from?
I spent a wonderful 6 days in Florence about 9 years ago and bought the earrings from one of the many little jewellery shops on the Ponte Vecchio.

When or how did I loose the earring?
A couple of years later, I was having lunch in a Sydney food mall, when I brushed my long hair back from my ears and realised I had lost one earring. I desperately checked the floor, my bag, my clothing (it was cold and I was wearing a scarf and high collared jacked), then returned to the last couple of places I had been. I couldn’t find it.

Why did I keep the lost earring?
I always intend to return to Florence to buy the second one so I can wear them. I really hadn’t worn them very often. I loved my time in Florence and the earrings were an important memento. This is a lesson, too, that I should wear and enjoy everything whenever I want to, not just for an occasion.


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