Monday, April 19, 2010

Kate's earring story...

Where did you get the earrings from?

The earrings were made for me by a folk singer/songwriter that lives in a forest above the sea in Oregon, USA. She specialises in peyote beadwork and names her earrings after natural phenomena and Captain Beefheart songs. I asked her to make me a pair in my favourite colours at the moment - coral, moss and gold.
When or how did you loose the earring?

I lost the earring lying on a football field at night, talking to a friend. They had arrived in the post that morning and I was wearing them for the first time the night i lost them. I went back at first light and had a football team scour the field for the missing earring to no avail.
Why did you keep the lost earring?

In hope the lost earring will magically reappear one day? Because i can't let go? Because nothing's ever really lost?

Sydney, Australia

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