Friday, February 19, 2010

Naomi's earring story

I found the lovely earrings at a second-hand market in Rozelle, Sydney, just after I moved there from Newcastle. I loved the idea that someone had loved them before I found them, and was sure they were meant for me. Two little white rosebuds sitting at the bottom of a dusty box, carved or cast from a type of hard plastic, I think. I barely wore any other earrings for at least a year.

Two years after I found the earrings I decided to travel overseas for seven months. When I moved out of my house I lost both of the earrings somehow- I think I had thrown them on the bed the day before. When I was vacuuming my room before leaving for the last time I found one earring wedged between the carpet and the wall. I looked everywhere for the other one, and have since kept the remaining earring in case the other turns up some day. Sometimes I wear the earring, mismatched with other randomly lost halves, just to keep the hope alive.


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