Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Catherine's earring stories

The one that got away

I bought myself a pair of fish earrings on a trip to Beijing in August 2006. It was my first time really travelling on my own somewhere very different from home. I'd heard that red was a lucky colour in Chinese and that fish were meant to bring prosperity, these earrings seemed like a good souvenir. They were only cheap but I became very attached to them. Somehow in the process of moving house I lost one of the pair. By this time a friend was living in Beijing. I told her my story of the lost earrings and she managed to find another pair exactly the same. Now I have a spare in case another gets away.

An earring by any other name

This earring was a gift from my colleagues at work for my 30th birthday. It was made by Lauren Simione, a local designer who is also a friend and colleague. During a particularly busy day when I was running backwards and forwards between different buildings at work, and down the road as well, one earring fell out. I retraced my steps and looked everywhere but no luck. I confessed finally to Lauren that I had lost the earring. She told me that she couldn't make another to match, but she turned it into a necklace for me, so now I can still enjoy wearing it, and there's no chance this one can fall off.


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