Monday, February 8, 2010

Carolyn's earring story...

Where did you get the earrings from?
This earring was purchased in Bamaga in Cape York in July 1997 when I was attending the Festival of Light activities – I bought 5 similar pairs for gifts and kept this, my favourite.
When or how did you loose the earring?
The other earring blew out of my ear (they are very light) on a Harbour Cruise about 10 years later – a friend lost hers in the same way!!
Why did you keep the lost earring?
I have kept it because I am fond of it and it reminds me of my trip to Cape York – we were stuck in Bamaga as our vehicle had been briefly sunk in the Jardine River crossing – an event our family will not forget (all passengers had exited the vehicle knowing it to be a foolish decision)


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