Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Arianne's lost Tiffany & Co earrings...

My lost earrings read like a graveyard for treasured Tiffany & Co. collections. Sadly, I have kept one of each of the pair, to which I have unfortunately misplaced their mate. I’ve even considered buying fake Tiffany jewellery, just so I can wear them again! However, I know they would be fake and they probably wouldn’t match. One day, when I have a spare & lazy $1,500, I will buy them again.

These open heart earrings were given to me by three of my best girlfriends for my 30th birthday. I can’t remember when or where I lost it, but I’m now 35 and I still haven’t told them! I keep thinking I’m going to find it somewhere.

I was given the beans as a thank you for organising a big event at my former work. I just love them so much, and when I lost one, again, I couldn’t help but think I might find it again.

These X earrings were given to me as a farewell present from my former company. One day I wore them to work, when I got home, one was missing. Sigh.



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