Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Michelle's lost earrings...

Both of these earrings were given to me for my 30th birthday by two of my closest friends.

The owl earring was made by my friend out of rose anodised aluminium. She chose the owl as a symbol of wisdom to make me feel good about my milestone. I took it out to do yoga and lost it somewhere on my journey home.

The silver earring was picked out by my other friend at a trade fair. It shows how much she knows me because the stone is my favourite colour (I often wear it) and the design is my style (small and delicate). It was lost while I was pashing a boy in the rain.

I don't own that many earrings, so I was happy to receive them and was proudly wearing them. They were versatile to wear with many outfits.

I was so disappointed when I lost them - both within a couple of weeks of my birthday! So annoyed by my carelessness and recklessness, I spent a long time trying to find them in the places where I knew they'd been lost.

They remind me of several lessons. To accept loss and let go. To forgive myself. To be careful. To treasure meaningful things. The kinds of things you finally realise in your 3rd decade.

They also remind me of my friends. They hang next to my bed so I often look at them and remember their thoughtfulness and times that we've shared together.

As I prepared this, I realised... They've become a pair with one another in my mind now - which is a nice ending! I like to think that they are not lonely.


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